Harsco delivers first track geometry inspection trolley to alstom-dubai

Harsco Rail delivered the first tract geometry inspection trolley ever to our customer Alstom Transport - Dubai in January.


Alstom is a French multinational company operating worldwide in rail transport markets. Alstom has been involved in the development of mainline and urban transportation projects in the Middle East, delivering sustainable mobility solutions for the growing transport needs.


The hand pushed trolley is an economical and maintenance-friendly manual track measuring device used to monitor the track condition. It has won acceptance due to its robustness and simple design, which ensures operation under all environmental conditions. Among the trolley's features are full track geometry measurement, laser profile measurement and a corrugation detection system. “The safety of train movement directly depends on the correct track geometry, and therefore the monitoring of its parameters is the first priority in the operation of railways". (TVEMA)


Harsco Rail, supported by its partner TVEMA delivered, installed and commissioned the measurement trolley just in time. Although, some enhancements were required to fully meet the track conditions, working closely with our partner, a fully functional commissioning was achieved. Moreover, Alstom's operators and engineers were trained in data соlection, software usage and maintenance.


Now, Alstom - Dubai can perform an effective maintenance plan while using accurate data provided by the measurement trolley. The proper collection of information helps to create better predictions and increases the track life cycle by executing on time corrective maintenance activities.


Through its partnerships Harsco Rail has built a broader portfolio. Positioned to grow, by offering integral solutions that meet customers' needs.