Metrology laboratory

The metrology laboratory by TVEMA is accredited for gauging and calibration of measurement instrumentation according to GOST ISO/IEC 17025-2009 international standard.

The main activity of the metrology laboratory is calibration and gauging of measurement instrumentation manufactured by TVEMA during their production and scheduled repair followed by the issue of calibration certificates to the Russian and foreign customers.

The laboratory's basic lines of activity include:

1. Inspection of mass-dimensional parameters of the railway rolling stock:

• Inspection of compliance of the rolling stock with the clearance requirements (GOST 9238-83) with the help of certified clearance frame;

• Measurement of mass, weight distribution between axles and carriage sides.

2. Gauging and calibration of non-destructive testing and technical diagnostics equipment:

• Ultrasonic NDT analyzers;

• NDT equipment of mobile NDT&TD systems;

• Piezoelectric transducers (PZT).

3. Gauging and calibration of measuring equipment for the railways:

• Track geometry inspection bogies;

• Track geometry inspection systems;

• Systems for catenary parameter measurement.

4. Gauging and calibration:

• Geometry measuring equipment

• Thermotechnical measuring equipment

• Electrical measuring equipment

The metrology laboratory is equipped with highly qualified certified specialists and has modern measuring and testing equipment.