Communication networks inspection



To check the condition of radio communication on the railways and stations, TVEMA developed the RADIUS complex of monitoring the analog and digital communication networks. By measuring the parameters of radio channels, it automatically processes and analyzes the data being read. The complex overcomes similar equipment of the other manufacturers in terms of functionality and accuracy.


In a continuous automatic mode, RADIUS collects information about the condition of more than 300 parameters of the of train radio communication tools and transmission networks (TETRA, GSM, GSM-R, Wi-Fi and Wi-Max), "linking" them to the track coordinate and analyzing them for compliance with the regulations. This complex measure both the level of the output signal of the locomotive antennas, and the carrier frequency, modulation and deviation of the call signals from different subscribers.


When inspecting Wi-Fi networks, their devices, access points and the probability of errors in communication channels are detected automatically. At the same time, coverage areas are defined, their safety is inspected, and sources of interference are sought. When monitoring the parameters of GSM, GSM-R and TETRA networks, the actual service area, the intermittent service area and boundaries of the coverage areas are defined. At the same time, areas with a weak signal level and poor communication quality are detected and displayed on the map.


RADIUS also measures the width of the used band of the radio signal and the noise level in the rolling stock movement area.




- The highest accuracy of the indicators of the monitoring performed in combination with the exceptional speed of their analysis.


- Unique software for processing collected information


Unparalleled RADIUS software automatically generates reports on the basis of the received data, including the parameter measurement tables and the chart of signal level along the route.


Scope of application


The network of railways of the Russian Federation.