Representatives Abroad


Many companies, reaching a certain level of development, decide to go beyond the national market and conquer external ones. Someone is betting on the export of its products or its assembly abroad, someone - on the creation of joint ventures. And someone - for development with the help of their offices in the respective regions and countries. This is the path chosen by TVEMA.


To represent the interests of the company abroad and promote its products in the European and Asian markets from 2007-2017, TVEMA opened regional offices in Kiev, Beijing and New Delhi.


They perform the following tasks:


- represent the interests of the company in all power structures, ministries, departments and other organizations of the regions and countries of residence;


- render assistance to company officials in work with the mentioned institutes of the regions and countries of stay;


- interact with the media for the rapid transmission of product data emanating from the company's management;


- promote the development of business relations with regions and countries interested in acquiring its products and attracting investments in its development;


- provide information and consulting assistance, promote the holding of international exhibitions and advertising campaigns conducted in the regions and countries of residence;


- carry out work to promote equipment and technologies from Russia to foreign markets and assist in the implementation of joint projects;


- provide service for the products of the company supplied to the regions and the host country.


Today, more than 400 mobile and more than 4 thousand hand-held and removable diagnostic tools manufactured by TVEMA are operated throughout the world. Every year, with their help, more than 3.6 million km of railways and subways are checked in more than 30 countries on five continents. These volumes are constantly growing. And this means that the mission of the foreign representatives of the company continues to be relevant and key for its further development.