International cooperation

Since the beginning of its activity the Company has been closely cooperating with the main railway operator and carrier of the Russian Federation – ОАО RZD (Russian Railways), and also our company is cooperating with railways and metros of CIS countries, largest European and Russian companies in the field of development and supply of diagnostic equipment. 


Nowadays a lot of railway companies and metropolitans are exploiting more than 300 trains and carriages of various purposes all over the world and about 3000 manual and mobile diagnostic systems made by ZAO “Firma TVEMA". Our products are operating on the railways in Russia, Germany, Czech Republic, Poland and Israel, Hungary and Turkey, Mongolia and China, Guinea and Libya, Ukraine and Belorussia, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan, Armenia and India. Operators of our products include Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Nizhny Novgorod, Minsk, Alma-Ata, Baku and Beijing metropolitans, and on production enterprises of the biggest Russian companies: JSC “Gazprom Neft”,”Lukoil”, Coal Company “North Kuzcoal”, Holding “Metalloinvest”.  Space ports “Baikonur” and “Pleseck” are also our clients.


Our company’s products are the ¾ of Russian mobile Diagnostic Park, the part of our production in the same parks in Kazakhstan and Ukraine are 50 and 40%, and in the parks in Turkmenistan, Mongolia and Baku metropolitan – 100%. 


Constant search for new technical solutions and refinement of products, increase in the volume of deliveries and distribution in the 2000's of the new century required the Company to implement new approaches to production development and to make structural changes. In 2008-2010 they began their work representatives, the Company successively opened representative offices in Ukraine, Germany, and China. In 2009, TVEMA established a Non-state Educational Facility “Centre for Training of Technical Diagnostics Specialists” on the base of a specialized production and repair center in Moscow.


On the understanding that skilled personnel is the key to successful work with sophisticated diagnostic equipment, the Company's training center provides training of corresponding technical diagnostics specialists from CIS countries and further abroad. Over the last years, the Center has trained specialists from Armenia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, and Ukraine who praised the high organizational level and the quality of teaching.


The outstanding feature of TVEMA's work with foreign partners is provision of the opportunity to find out more about the Company innovations in the real conditions of their railways and to perform trial operation. For instance, in November 2011 acceptance tests of ASTRA software and hardware suite for automatic analysis of NDT&TD data were carried out on Russian railways.  And in the early 2012, the first specimens of the suite were commissioned for trial operation in the diagnostic center and the DNT vehicle of Ukrainian Railways (Ukrzaliznitsa). 


There is a growing demand for the Company developments on the markets of Europe and Asia. In December 2011, TVEMA became the first in history Russian enterprise which won a tender of German railways. Deutsche Bahn AG acknowledged the Company as a winner of the competitions for furnishing its NDT trains with video systems for continuous monitoring of rail heads. Competing for a prestigious order, TVEMA beat such largest suppliers of diagnostic equipment for the European railway market as MerMec, BVSys and DB Systemtechnik. So far, three German NDT trains have been equipped with our systems and are successfully operated on the railways of Germany. 


The Company’s activity on Chinese market also brings the positive results. At present, our representative office in China is successfully conducting negotiations with CSR plant regarding joint development of a diagnostic railcar for the railways and metros of PRC. In 2014, our company won the contract on constructing a new diagnostic railcar for Beijing subway, where the American companies (Sperry Rail Service и Rail Depcons) - that are in the market for 30 years - were also presented.


In 2013, the representatives of Israel railways were greatly interested in the Company's innovation – the high-speed system for inspection of rail condition. Israeli specialist expressed a wish to study the system during tests on the railways of Russia in January 2014 and to commence the trial operation of the system in Israel. In 2013, our Indian counterparts were particularly interested in the Company's innovations presented at the 10th International Railway Equipment Exhibition (IIREE) in Deli – first of all the road-rail laboratories on the basis of all-road cars and rail lubrication vehicles. Negotiations are underway to organize supplies of diagnostic equipment to the railways and metros of India.


The TVEMA’s production test in other countries is becoming as a tradition. The road-rail NDT inspection mobile laboratory was successfully tested in 2012 in Germany; the NDT-system “ECHO-Complex-2” was also successfully established and tested in Hungary, July 2013 and the same tests were taken in Poland, May 2014.


The demonstration of our Company’s equipment in some countries in Europe, Asia and Africa showed the competitive advantages and was successfully implemented into diagnostic system of railroad infrastructure. 


TVEMA works for extension of foreign market all the time. During 2012-2015 our international relations department had held the presentations of the newest diagnostic systems and equipment in Uzbekistan, Bulgaria, Hungary, Azerbaijan and Lithuania, Kazakhstan. 


The successful experience of practical cooperation between TVEMA and leading German producers of universal unimogs was one of the prerequisites for this contract execution. The memorandum on further perspective cooperation in innovation diagnostics systems for the Russian and German Railways was signed on the 24th of September between executives of Private Limited ZAO “Firma TVEMA", Mercedes-Benz Trucks and Joint Stock Company “Russian Railways”.


In 2014 ZAO “Firma TVEMA” joined OSJD as merged enterprise and it was another big  step in developing international cooperation with foreign partners.


Present day trends in quality management systems and international experience show that independence and objectivity of results of monitoring and diagnostics can be achieved merely by differentiation of these processes as well as by means of external technical audit of aforesaid works. In 2015 TVEMA’s specialists performed continuous monitoring of rails in service conditions on sections of Latvian and Estonian railways. In total mobile road-rail laboratory LDM-1 checked 1200 kilometers of railway in these two Republics. All diagnostics measurements were carried out under the service contract and in compliance with agreed calendar.


The Company's experience in cooperation with foreign partners shows that in recent years joint efforts to develop the system of railway diagnostics have substantially helped to improve the conditions for provision of the railway traffic safety and operational characteristics of the railway infrastructure in these countries.