Results of TVEMA participation in the 4th international rail salon expo 1520

The organizers of the 4th International Rail Salon EXPO 1520 held on 11 - 14 September 2013 at VNIIZHT Experimental Circle, Scherbinka, Moscow acknowledged TVEMA's showcase as "the most original". A vanguard showcase made by WestStroyExpo construction company in the form of a locomotive flying forward reflected the very essence of the forum which defined prospects for the industry development.

The name of the Salon is self-explanatory. It is a demonstration of innovative solutions which are manufactured and supplied for the "1520 gauge", but at the same time are required on every railway track. This meeting exclusive in its own way is held twice a year and comprises not only the exhibition but also an extensive business program which helps to stablish direct contacts between customers and manufacturers of railway technology and equipment. Now the participants of EXPO 1520 included 325 companies from 29 countries which presented their achievements both in showcases and on demonstration tracks and a dynamic display of Experimental Circle.

The exhibition of our Company again, like in the previous Salon, became one of the largest and varied. The showcase presented a detailed work technique for the development and manufacture of the Company products. The demonstration tracks along with products which are popular with the customers (MFV self-propelled diagnostic system, rail lubrication vehicle, road-rail NDT inspection laboratories series LDM and AVL-P) exhibited the Company's innovative solutions: SPRINTER high-speed inspection vehicle, VD-UMT-1 all-weather NDT vehicle, electric self-propelled inspection bogie, composite sleepers, and quick-assembly modular buildings.

The public and participants of the Salon were particularly interested in the dynamic presentation of our cars, NDT laboratory and mobile rail lubricator which can travel both on rails and on motorways.  The viewers were extremely excited about UAZ-Patriot which hauled an entire escort vehicle for repair crews along the rails!

During four days of the Salon operation, TVEMA exhibits were in the center of the visitors' attention, especially of the young ones such as the participants of the 4th RZD Youth Rally and students of our Center for training of technical diagnostics specialists. For both of them the Center employees arranged exciting lection tours around the Company exhibits.

EXPO 1520 becomes an effective platform for concluding large contracts between global producers and consumers of railway technologies and equipment, including in the field of inspection and technical diagnostics. We hope that the interest of the Salon participants to TVEMA products will transform, as during the previous three meetings, into mutually beneficial contracts.