AO Firma TVEMA presented mobile NDT equipment — SPRUT-2, SOM — and track measurement systems — PT-12M, PT-12-01, SHEP— at the conference for the heads of the Belarusian Railroads held on the Mogilev Railroad run by the Mogilev Branch of the Belarusian Railroads RUE. The successful presentation revea...
One of the latest TVEMA developments- composite picket sleepers (CPS) with built-in electronic transcoding devices. The sleepers themselves are 100% recycled, environmentally friendly, do not pollute the biosphere with toxic substances. The composite sleepers do not crumble, do not crack, do not abs...
For almost two years now on the MCD-lines (a system of city train services on existing commuter rail lines in Moscow and Moscow Oblast, Russia) successfully works an innovative self-propelled track measuring and ultrasonic testing vehicle “SEVER”. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that it can simultan...
Despite of an ongoing pandemic and unpredictable Moscow frosts, this year 2021 started off well and the work is in full swing! In February took place the dispatch of the DRED mobile system for diagnostics of infrastructure purpose-made for The Chongqing Rail Transit (Chongqing Metro). This is the se...







International Exhibition of the Railway Industry.

September 22–25, Germany, Berlin


Scientific-practical conference
«Automation and telemechanics in railway transport».

Russia, Sochi


3rd transport and logistics forum.

Russia, Sochi