Vehicles for railway diagnostics

Regular and sound diagnostics as well as timely detection of rail defects at early stages are key elements of railway transport management system. TVEMA provides a set of modern solutions for NDT and technical diagnostics of rails at all stages of diagnostic process.


Intended use


One of the main directions of development for innovative technologies of infrastructure diagnostics is creation and improvement of diagnostic vehicles that provide non-destructive testing and diagnostics of rails at high speeds. 


Operation of such vehicles significantly reduces expenses for rails operation due to lower costs of each test, increased frequency of tests and as a result timely detection of defects. Wide experience in unique technologies of rail testing allowed TVEMA to supply over 300 vehicles providing ultrasonic and magnetic diagnostics over the years. 


Diagnostic solutions


Diagnostic solutions can be based on regular coaches or self-propelled railcars. They are intended for comprehensive inspection and assessment of condition of railway infrastructure objects related to traffic safety at speeds from 0 to 160 km/h. These solutions are unique in the fact that one vehicle or train unites a multitude of different inspection subsystems that allow to acquire and process over 150 parameters used in evaluation. Nowadays diagnostic trains like INTEGRAL and SPRINTER-INTEGRAL as well as self-propelled railcars SEVER-INTEGRAL and PIONEER-INTEGRAL are operated on various railways.


Diagnostic cars


Diagnostic cars are intended for fast and high-speed diagnostics of railway infrastructure objects within a speed range from 0 to 140 km/h. 


At present day fast diagnostic cars like VD-UMT-2 and DEKART, as well as high-speed SPRINTER, VIKS-T and ATLANT are operated on railways and allow to carry out diagnostics of tracks, buildings, signaling, traction and communications. 


Multifunctional self-propelled railcars


Main intended use of our railcars is to be a platform for diagnostic systems of various purpose: inspection of track parameters, ultrasonic and magnetic NDT, 3D-scanning, ground penetrating radar inspection and many others. Railcars are equipped with climate control system and automatic fire extinguishers. Our railcars are capable of maintaining no noise or vibrations while moving at speeds up to 120 km/h. Railcars are supplied with MTU Power Pack power supply system that provides power to all consumers aboard.


Various internal layouts allow the customer to choose the right configuration of railcar for any specific task.


At the moment railways of several countries operate multifunctional SEVER and PIONEER railcars.


Advantages of our vehicles


Main distinguishing feature of our products is balance between key factors: modularity that allows integration of various systems, value for money and simple design.


Many of our diagnostic vehicles have no analogues on the global market.


Scope of application


Railway networks of any country.