Track geometry assessment trolleys

The safety of train movement directly depends on the correct track geometry, and therefore the monitoring of its parameters is the priority one in the operation of railways. There are different devices to solve this task, but the most viable option are economical and maintenance-friendly manual track measuring trolleys.




Computerized track measuring trolleys of the PT series are one of the most popular and high-demand products of the TVEMA company. They are intended for monitoring, recording and digital indication of the current track coordinate values, width of the rail track (track gauge) and the mutual exceeding of one rail way relative to the other (cross-level) during construction, operation and repair works at the railway track. The PT trolleys measure the track geometry parameters and process the information in the same format as the track measuring cars, and also make possible in the same way to perform a full-scale analysis of the current condition of the track, and predict its condition and possible deterioration in the future.


Thanks to reliable and simple design that makes possible to operate them in any climatic conditions, and comprehensive hardware and flexible software, these trolleys have been in high demand for railway employees in Russia and CIS countries for many years.


Computerized track measuring trolleys PT-10


An improved version of PT-7MK and AKNOP track measuring trolleys, PT-10 during its long terms of production has proven to be reliable assistant to middle-level railway specialists and established a certain standard for similar segment from other manufacturers, and have become basic for the creation of a number of prospecting systems of monitoring and diagnostics of railway tracks.


Manual diagnostic complex RDK PT-12M 


RDK PT-12 is a new project of the company and is intended for automated control of infrastructure facilities of railways and subways. It has an extended range of measurements of track geometry parameters and could be used at rail track sections both equipped and unequipped with automatic block signaling, with all types of rails.




- Simple design.


- Flexible software.


- Simple training.


- Availability of function of export of the received data to the analytical center and serving units.


- Operation in severe climatic conditions.


Within a quarter of a century, TVEMA has produced over 2500 track measuring trolleys of various modifications for railways, subways and industrial enterprises of Russia and foreign countries.


Scope of application


The network of railways, industrial enterprises and subways of the Russian Federation and foreign countries.