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On this page you will find banking details and prices for making copies of АО "Firma TVEMA" documents which the issuer shall provide to shareholders and other parties involved in accordance with the Articles 89 and 91 of the Federal Law "On Joint Stock Companies" and "The Regulation on Information Disclosure by Securities Issuers" approved by the Order No.06-117/pz-n of FCSM dated 10.10.2006. 

The issue of document copies is performed by direct submission of requested documents to the address of the issuer's chief executive office location or by mail transfer* against presentation of corresponding request drawn up in arbitrary written form to the address of АО "Firma TVEMA". The request shall include the full name of the requester, his postal address (if requested document copies shall be sent by mail transfer), a legal entity shall state its name and location, the list of requested documents and delivery method.

For all questions regarding provision of document copies and payment, please call at: 

+7 (495) 230-30-26

Issuer's banking details to make payments for producing document copies: 

Current account: 407 028 104 381 801 323 99 at Moscow bank "Sberbank of Russia" PАО 
Correspondent account: 301 018 104 00000000 225 
Russian Central Bank Identifier Code 044 525 225 INN (Taxpayer Identification Number) 7707011088 KPP (Tax Registration Reason Code) 770801001


The price of a copy of one page of any issuer's document (black-and-white copy) is RUB 20.


The documents are submitted bound securely and attested by an authorized person of the issuer in accordance with the laws of the Russian Federation.

* - If the document copies are to be sent by mail transfer, additional charge is collected in accordance with the tariffs of FSUE Russian Post.

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The corporate strategy of the company TVEMA aimed at continual improvement of the quality management system (QMS).


A quality management system (QMS) is a collection of business processes focused on achieving quality policy and quality objectives to meet customer requirements.


Since 2005 the company's quality management system has certified according to ISO 9001-2000. This certification has allowed us to reach a new level of global requirements and to implement modern business model to attract more investments and reduce the cost of rework.


This strengthens the reputation of the company as a responsible manufacturer and expands the horizons of its international expansion, as a WTO (World Trade Organization) member.


Another step for access to world markets for goods and services in the field of railway transport was the inclusion of the company in General the quality management System for companies in the rail industry - IRIS", which today is certified by about 600 companies worldwide.


Industry standard IRIS was developed on the basis of General quality standard ISO 9001 and is a recognized international standard that defines basic requirements for manufacturers of railway equipment and component suppliers to the rail industry. By 2015, JSC "RZD" is going to transfer our railway engineering on the requirements of the standard IRIS.


Certification in two international quality management systems - General (ISO 9001/GOST ISO 9001-2011) and sector (IRIS) - certificate of liability the company TVEMA to consumers and the reliability of its products and their quality support at all stages of the life cycle - from performance and deliveries under the order prior to service and maintenance, repair and modernization.


Our clients can rely on us with full confidence. Company TVEMA is a responsibility, reliability and quality.









Increasing competition on the railway equipment market in the late 20th - early 21st century required TVEMA to introduce innovative approaches to production development and constantly search for technical and technological solutions for improving its products. 


In the early 2000's, when it was becoming more and more difficult for private companies to solve the production integration issues alone, their professional associations started to emerge. In 2010, TVEMA became the member of Non-commercial Partnership "Association of Railway Equipment Manufacturers" (OPZT) which was established to ensure system coordination of the industry companies and to facilitate the innovative development of the industry. The same year, TVEMA signed the Charter on cooperation of ОАО RZD (Russian Railways), NP OPZT, and the Russian transport engineering companies, manufacturers of railway equipment, assemblies, and components.


To enter the foreign markets the Company required the support of another association – The Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs. TVEMA became the member of this association in 2011.


TVEMA management hopes that the membership of the Company in the Organisation for Cooperation between Railways (OSZD) will be the next step in developing cooperation with foreign partners and further penetrating European and Asian markets.


The next step in the development of cooperation with foreign partners and the further development of the European and Asian rail markets, was the entry of the company in 2014 to the international Organization for cooperation between Railways (OSJD).