Hyrail cars

To solve the tasks of monitoring and maintenance of small sections of the railway track, in the early 2000s TVEMA launched manufacture of a complete line of specialized technological hybrid railroad vehicles based on off-road and all-terrain vehicles of domestic and foreign production.




These vehicles allow to perform monitoring and diagnostics of small track sections at low speeds, a whole range of shunting operations at stations and approach lines, promptly deliver repair crew with the necessary equipment to the repair site. In addition, with the help of these machines, lubrication of the rails became possible at low-density and station track sections.


Thanks to the hybrid railroad system with pneumatic control, the vehicles can move both on the roads (highway, off-road) and on the railway track. They are also united by the availability of a unique system for ensuring traffic safety and the ability to switch between road and rail riding within 10 minutes, with the help of an equipment that has no analogues throughout the world. They can be operated at any time of the year and day, in the temperature range from -40 °C to +50 °C, may be exposed to rain and snow.


The assortment of specialized technological specialized technological hybrid railroad vehicles is constantly expanding and modifying.


Within a quarter of a century, TVEMA has launched more than 30 vehicles of various modifications and purposes for railways and subways of Russia and CIS countries.




- Independence in the performance of work from the load of railway tracks and traffic patterns due to the driving on the road to the place of operation and back.


- Multiple reduction of operating costs.


- Possibility of using standard monitoring and diagnostic systems.


- Ability to use for various jobs as a fully functional car.


- Replacement for expensive shunting rolling stock.


Scope of application


The network of railways, metros and industrial enterprises of the Russian Federation and CIS countries.