Software and technologies



In the monitoring of the condition of the railway infrastructure, a variety of monitoring and diagnostic tools are used. Each of them performs its specific task and, accordingly, uses its program for collecting, processing and displaying data. Bringing such an information variety to a single common view significantly improves the effectiveness of monitoring management.




Unique development of TVEMA called «Software Integral» integrated software solution complex was designed to solve this problem. It makes possible to centrally monitor the condition and operation of all subsystems operating in an overall monitoring system from any workstation, and centrally start or stop their operation. Such unparalleled methodology provides a high degree of coordination and integration of actions of all monitoring elements. The complex makes it possible to simultaneously record, view, process and analyze signals and data from various monitoring tools. «Integral software» consists of a server side and automated operator workstations, with all workstations being peer.


Technological support


One of the key tasks in the organization of the technological process is an efficient and effective use of technical and human resources. To solve this task, the company specialists developed a complex automated system of combinatorial data analysis: CASCAD. It makes possible to perform simultaneous processing of data obtained from various diagnostic tools of automated control. The main result of such processing is a complex and multifactor analysis, and an assessment of the actual condition of the railway track and its alteration over time. In addition, unstable and problem areas are identified in a timely manner, where there is a high probability of a sudden deterioration in the condition of the track, which can lead to failure. This, in turn, makes it possible to determine the appropriate preventive measures to ensure its operability and to choose the track sections that require repair the most.




- Unparalleled methodology provides a high degree of coordination and integration of actions of all monitoring elements.


- Getting the source data from various monitoring tools and processing their formats with built-in converters.


- Ability to plan maintenance works of the infrastructure according to the actual state.


Thanks to this, the influence of the human performance on the data reliability is minimized and, consequently, the quality of management decisions is improved.


Scope of application


Network of railways and subways of the Russian Federation and CIS countries.