For more than a quarter of a century, the company has been a regular participant of prestigious international forums and exhibitions, for example, the following forums and exhibitions in Russia: "Non-destructive testing and technical diagnostics in industry NDT LAB", "Metrology", "Flaw detection", "Transport infrastructure and track machines", EXPO 1520, and following forums and exhibitions abroad: INNOTRANS (Berlin), IAF (Munster), SIFER (Lille), EurasiaRail (Istanbul), IREE (Delhi), CRTS Rail Transit and MODERN RAILWAYS (China), Iran Rail Expo and others.


The quality of the TVEMA products is constantly confirmed by the awards and diplomas issued at these exhibitions. Here are just some of our winner products:


- PT-7MK track measuring trucks: laureate medal of the exhibition EXPO-2000;


- SPRUT and ECHO-PULSE flaw detectors: laureate diploma and gold medal of the forum Metrology 2012;


- LDM-1 hybrid flaw detection rail-road vehicle: laureate diploma and platinum medal of the forum Metrology 2012 (at the same exhibition, many of our products received the ROSTEST Certificate of quality);


- DRED self-propelled diagnostic complex: laureate diploma and gold medal of the forum Metrology 2014;


- INTEGRAL and NORTH diagnostic complexes: diplomas of I degree at the exhibition "Transport infrastructure and track machines 2008-2010";


- BARS noncontact rail scanner for mobile diagnostic tools and SPRINTER high-speed diagnostic car: diplomas of III degree at the competitions of Russian Railways, OJSC in 2015-2016;


 - SYNERGY series diagnostic complex for the subways and PT-12M removable diagnostic complex: award winners of the All-Russian competition "100 best goods of Russia" in 2016.


- a railcar for the transportation of repair brigades of the PIONEER project: diploma of III degree and award at the competition of Non-Profit Partnership "Association of Railway Machinery Manufacturers" in 2017; it also became the winner of the All-Russian competition "100 best goods of Russia" in 2017, awarded with diploma "Innovation of the year 2017".


For innovative development in the field of diagnostics, the company was awarded with the prize of Non-Profit Partnership "Association of Railway Machinery Manufacturers" n.a. Lebedyansky "For the design innovation" in 2015.


In 2012, TVEMA was included into 50 best companies representing diagnostic equipment in the Chinese market and was awarded with a diploma and a TOP 50 memorandum badge.


Often, on the exhibitions where the company participates, not only its products are noted, but also the way they are demonstrated: the design of our stands has been repeatedly awarded with special exhibition diplomas.


TVEMA products have repeatedly received a positive assessment of the government of the Russian Federation and V.V. Putin - in particular, when he visited the main computer center of the Russian Railways, OJSC in June 2008, and INTEGRAL diagnostic complex in St. Petersburg, in October 2008.


In 2010 and 2015, for a large contribution to the development and sustainability of Russian Railways, OJSC, a large team of company specialists was rewarded by the President of Russian Railways, OJSC.