Infrastructure diagnostics for metros and urban transport

Traffic safety of metros is of utmost importance. Apart from the fact that metro transports millions of passengers every day, underground location of rails increases the risks. In order to timely detect, prevent and eliminate defects and disorders of metro lines various measurement and diagnostics equipment is used and it’s tasks and functions grow more and more complicated together with metro .


Intended use


Today our products are widely used in Moscow, St-Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Nizhny Novgorod, Minsk, Alma-Ata, Baku and Beijing metros providing a wide range of measurement and diagnostic operations in rail NDT, rail geometry, video inspection and 3D-scanning of infrastructure, measurement of geometry and temperature of the third rail, thermal imaging and hyperspectral diagnostics as well as many others. All our products are universal in their application and allow to perform fast inspection of infrastructure for railways, metros, industrial enterprises and urban rail transport. All systems can be operated in any weather and season and have their data synchronized using software solution with comprehensive analysis and processing.


Diagnostic solutions


In 2013 our company has become the first one to provide a unique Sinergia diagnostic train for Moscow Metro. It is based on regular passenger coaches and provides comprehensive inspection and evaluation of rail infrastructure of metro at high speed. This solution is unique in many ways as it unites multiple inspection subsystems that allow acquisition and processing of over a hundred of parameters of the whole infrastructure within one inspection run. It moves through metro tunnels within normal passenger train schedule without breaking it, as the accuracy of the systems provides all the necessary measurements without reducing traffic speed. Nevertheless even one train manages to inspect every line of Moscow metro (which is one of the largest in the world in terms of length and number of passengers transported) twice a month. Since 2013 TVEMA has supplied three such trains for metros of Moscow and Baku.


Diagnostic coaches


Diagnostic coaches are intended for fast daily inspection of main and side tracks of metros within a speed range from 0 to 100 km/h. For metros of Moscow and St. Petersburg TVEMA has supplied six diagnostic coaches for track geometry inspection, ultrasonic rail NDT and signaling systems inspection.


Multifunctional self-propelled railcars


One of the main intended uses of a railcar is to be a platform for various diagnostic systems. Interior layout options allow the customer to choose the right configuration for any task.
This way in partnership with Chines railway corporation CRRC a unique diagnostic railcar «Railway LAB Ultrasonic Test TVEMA 70» was created which today inspects 80% of railway infrastructure of Beijing underground.


Solutions for diagnostics and maintenance of infrastructure based on HyRail cars


For inspection and maintenance of tram lines (and depot tracks of metros) TVEMA offers a whole range of specialized technological road-rail vehicles based on all-terrain cars.  These cars allow low speed inspection and diagnostics of smaller segments of metro tracks and tram lines, perform shunting and promptly deliver maintenance teams to the work location with all necessary equipment. Due to road-rail nature of the vehicles they can move both over paved and unpaved roads as well as over railway tracks.


Trolleys and portable solutions for diagnostics and maintenance of infrastructure


Manual diagnostic tools are used for local inspections of track segments where using vehicular systems is either unreasonable or inconvenient. In the segment of manual and portable tools TVEMA provides the full range of devices that allow operators to solve multiple diagnostics tasks for metro and tram lines infrastructure.


Advantages of our tools


Main distinguishing feature of our products is balance between key factors: modularity that allows integration of various tools, value for money and simple design.


Many diagnostic tools have no analogues in the world.


Scope of application


Rail networks of metros, industrial enterprises and urban transport.