Ultrasonic transducers

The reliability of the monitoring of nodes and parts of various facilities directly depends from the quality of piezoelectric transducers.  According to expert assessment, transducers produced by TVEMA are among the most reliable, not inferior in quality and efficiency to the best world analogues.




Piezoelectric transducers developed and serially produced by TVEMA meet all regulatory requirements and are intended for industrial ultrasonic testing of products for various purposes, both in their manufacture and operation. They can be used both for manual monitoring and in acoustic units of mobile diagnostic complexes of ultrasonic testing.


Depending on the purpose, the company manufactures transducers of various series:


- 001T series are designed for testing surfaces with high roughness or corrosion. The transducers have a steel case with a vertical connector and a round piezoelectric element;


- 002T series are designed for inspection of small and medium thickness products. The converters of this series have an aluminum alloy casing with a horizontal connector and a round piezoelectric element;


- 003T series are designed for the same purpose as the 002T series. Transducers have a minimized offset and dead zone, and a rectangular piezoelectric element.




- High sensitivity level and high signal to noise ratio combined with low failure rate and increased wear resistance.


- Compatibility by electroacoustic parameters and geometric dimensions with all modern tools of ultrasonic flaw detection of rails: from flaw detectors and railcars to removable single and double-way flaw detectors.


Manufacture of transducers is carried out since 2005.


Scope of application


The network of railways, industrial enterprises and metros of the Russian Federation and foreign countries.