Handheld ndt tools

For specialists in the monitoring of metal critical nodes of various designs, the most effective option is a tool equally effective for inspection of facilities of any size and complexity, and equally convenient to use, both as a hand tool and as a typical unit in automated installations. The ECHO-PULSE compact ultrasonic flaw detector is a single-channel device for ultrasonic non-destructive testing of the facilities for flaws using the contact method of introducing ultrasonic vibrations.




The ECHO-PULSE flaw detector is designed to conduct technological operations of the non-destructive testing of metal products, (including, - rails of all types, nodes and parts of rolling stock of railway transport, elements of bridge structures and pipelines) and ensures the performance of ultrasonic testing in accordance with the technologies adopted in various industries.


The flaw detector records type A and B scans, including on removable media, and also transfers received and processed data through wireless connections such as Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. The breakthrough is the development of a software, compatible with Android-based devices. This software controls the operation of the flaw detector and is perfectly combined with other applications installed on the device, which significantly improves the quality and convenience of monitoring.


The ECHO-PULSE flaw detector uses innovative technologies for ultrasonic rail testing with the application of an adaptive threshold method for automatic setting of channel sensitivity, as well as automated interpretation of control results, which makes possible to exclude the influence of the human factor on their reliability, especially in conditions of unstable acoustic contact.




- Immediate sending of the monitoring protocol in the form of MMS message or by e-mail.


- Use of global positioning data (GPS/GLONASS) for display in the monitoring protocol.


- View of the monitoring documents and previously saved monitoring protocols.


- Sending a video file with recording the movement of the transducer.


- Simultaneous monitoring and telephone call or over the Internet, including video communication and conference mode.


- Possibility to transmit the current screen image via the Internet, which is observed by the operator (A or B-scan).


Within a quarter of a century, TVEMA has selled about 400 ECHO-PULSE flaw detectors to the railways, metros and industrial enterprises of Russia and foreign countries.


Scope of application


The network of railways, industrial enterprises and metros of the Russian Federation and foreign countries.