International cooperation

TVEMA has been carrying out its international activities since 2007, when its specialists visited the production of the Italian company MerMec and exchanged with their colleagues the experience of developing multifunctional diagnostic systems for railways. This trip was the starting point for the subsequent creation of the first such complex in Russia - INTEGRAL.


In the future, to represent the interests of the company were opened by regional offices in Kiev, Beijing and New Delhi. At the same time, the company increased its activity in the markets of the CIS countries.


Today, more than 400 mobile and more than 4 thousand hand-held and removable diagnostic tools manufactured by TVEMA are operated throughout the world. Every year, with their help, more than 3.6 million km of railways and subways are checked in more than 30 countries on five continents. Products with the brand TVEMA make up three quarters of the all-Russian fleet of mobile diagnostic tools and more than 50% of the CIS countries.
Successfully implemented joint projects:


- in Europe – our test and measurement systems and removable diagnostic tools are operated on the railways of Germany, the Czech Republic, France, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Slovakia, Finland and Belarus. Since 2015, the company has been providing rail diagnostics services for railways in Estonia and Latvia. Work is underway to create a high-speed diagnostic rail for Serbia.


- in Asia – diagnostic systems and mobile equipment of our production work on the railways of India, Israel, Mongolia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, as well as in the Baku and Beijing metro. The Beijing Metro, the second largest in the world, serves the diagnostic railcar Railway LAB Ultrasonic Test TVEMA 70, created jointly with the Chinese corporation CRRC. Our diagnostic carts are used on the railways of Turkey and the UAE.


- in North America – in partnership with Harsco Rail for the US and Canadian railways, diagnostic trucks and diagnostic systems are supplied for installation on vehicles equipped with a combined drive. A batch of laser sensors was also installed to monitor the rail profile.


- in South America – in Brazil, together with colleagues from Harsco Rail, a project is being implemented to create a complex for diagnosing the geometry of rails before passing the rail grinding train and monitoring the results of its work. This complex is based on a Ford truck equipped with a combined-stroke system. Work is also underway to organize the delivery and installation of our equipment on diagnostic trains in the Sao Paulo metro.


- in Africa – our diagnostic carts are used on the rail tracks of industrial enterprises of Libya and Guinea.


A distinctive feature of working with foreign partners was to provide them with the opportunity in the actual conditions of their railways to conduct introductory testing of the company's equipment. This allows you to show its competitive advantage and encourage partners to introduce it into the railroad diagnostics system of their countries.


In the struggle for prestigious orders, TVEMA is often ahead of such reputable global manufacturers of diagnostic tools as MerMec, BVSys, DB Systemtechnik, Sperry Rail Service, Rail Depcons.


Considering that the key to success in working with the most complex diagnostic equipment is qualified personnel, the training center of the company provides services for the training of such personnel for foreign countries. Dozens of specialists from Armenia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Mongolia, Israel, China, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria and Serbia have already completed training here.


In 2014, TVEMA joined the International Organization for Cooperation of Railways (OSZhD) as an affiliated enterprise, and the following year a representative meeting of European diagnostic specialists was held at the company's production base.


Since 2015, the company has been providing rail diagnostics services under operating conditions on the sections of railways in Estonia and Latvia. More than 2500 km of these countries have already been tested.


TVEMA is constantly working to expand the markets for its products. Every year, at the request of the European and Asian railways management, the international department of the company holds presentations of our new products.