Self-propelled electrical vehicles

This newest development of the TVEMA company makes it possible to solve a whole complex of tasks to ensure the safety of the facilities of urban transport infrastructure, railways, subways, and industrial enterprises of railway transport.




Self-propelled railway inspection vehicles of the DRED series make it possible to conduct both qualitative diagnostics of small sections of the railway track and perform tasks to monitor their condition  at an operating speed up to 20 km/h.


They can be operated in severe climatic conditions. Ease of management and design flexibility allows them to solve various tasks.


Depending on the design of inspection vehicle, it can be used to solve following tasks:


- diagnostics of the track structure;


- complex video surveillance of the condition of infrastructure facilities;


- lubrication of rails;


- treatment of the ballast section with herbicides;


- prompt delivery of gang of track men and necessary technological equipment to the place of scheduled and urgent works. 


The inspection vehicle may be additionally equipped with a trailer, almost doubling the loading capacity: up to 1000 kg in total.


When performing diagnostics, DRED implements hardware and software processing of the control signals from the inspected track sections with their registration and collection for long-term storage with the possibility of subsequent analysis, as well as recording information on the track traveled.




- Compactness of the device.


- Versatility, depending on the tasks intended for.


- Mobility.


- Environmentally friendly.


About 10 track inspection vehicles were launched on the railways and metros of Russia and foreign countries.


Scope of application


The network of railways, industrial enterprises and metros of the Russian Federation and foreign countries.