Company brand

The most important intangible asset of TVEMA is the brand which reflects the Company development strategy and makes its corporate and production image recognizable.


TVEMA brand ideology is based on a commitment to unite under a single management a team of like-minded people with a common task for development, production, and distribution of the railway safety systems.


The Company logo is based on the trademark which symbolises research and development in the field of diagnostic and non-destructive testing equipment. 


The logo is the combination of the trademark (vertical yellow triangle with a black U-shape element and a circle inside which is supported by a horizontal rectangular with inscription "TVEMA" below) with a graphical yellow element made up of two elliptical segments.


TVEMA development priorities defined in its brand values are INNOVATIONS, SAFETY, RELIABILITY, and EFFICIENCY They are reflected in the general corporate slogan — TIME OF RELIABLE SOLUTIONS. This means the determination of the Company to fulfil its strategic objective to ensure safety of the railway traffic. 


For our partners the decision to cooperate with TVEMA means confidence in reliable and efficient operation of their railways.