TVEMA taps into new prospects for international co-operation

ZAO «Firma TVEMA» received the status of the affiliated enterprise of the Organisation for Co-operation between Railways (OSJD). This decision was made on the XXIX meeting of the Conference of Railway General Directors of OSJD which took place in April of this year in the capital of DPRK, Pyongyang. The members of OSJD, established in 1956, include the transport ministries and central state authorities responsible for railway transport of 28 countries of Europe and Asia. The length of all railway tracks used by member countries of the Organization is almost 280,000 km, where around 5 billion tons of cargo and 3.5 billion passengers are transported annually.


The main objectives of OSJD include development of international freight and passenger traffic, creation of common railway transport environment in the Eurasian region, higher competitiveness of transcontinental railway routes as well as promotion of technological progress and technical-scientific cooperation in the field of railway transport.


Apart from official structures, independent companies related to railway sector which conform to the requirements of the Organization can participate in OSJD activities as affiliated enterprises.

The status of OSJD affiliated enterprise reveals new prospects for TVEMA in the field of international co-operation. Thus, in addition to access to OSJD documents and materials and participation in its working bodies with advisory capacity, TVEMA obtained the right to take part in joint developments which will ultimately enable the Company to conduct the policy independent from competitors in the field of production of diagnostic equipment and systems.  


TVEMA management believes that the acquired status will help the Company to substantially increase the geography of international co-operation, to find new potential customers for its products and will facilitate the achievement of the Company's strategic goal to establish itself as a leading supplier of diagnostic equipment for railways and metros of European and Asian countries.