Russian Producers of Railway’s Engineering appraise the TVEMA novelties

A meeting of Noncommercial Partnership Committee of «Association of Railway Engineering Producers» (NP «AREP») for coordination of infrastructure  and permanent way technique components production took part in July, the 25-th on the ground of OJSC Kaluga Enterprise «RemPut’Mash» that dedicated to actual problems of production and operation of permanent way technique. The meeting chaired by Mr. Valentin Gaponovich – the Senior Vice-President of OJSC «RZD», President of NP «AREP»; also Mr. Maxim Shtaiger – Chairman of Commettee for Coordination of Infrastructure and permanent way technique components production addressed the meeting.


Representatives of Federal agencies, Russian and foreign Companies as well as appropriate institutions took part in the meeting: among them: OJSC «Sinara Transport machines», OJSC  Kaluga Enterprise «RemPut’Mash», OJSC «Kalugaput’mash», OJSC «Tikhoretskiy Plant by V.V. Vorovskiy», ZAO «Firma TVEMA», OJSC «ELTEZA», OJSC «MOST», OJSC «Demikhovskiy Machinbuilding Work», NP «YARELASTEST»,  «Technotrade» JSC Ltd. and State Company «Byelorussian Railway».


Participants of the meeting were familiarized with results of permanent way technique operation and with measures of improving its quality and reliability, production localization and new types of products, mastered for OJSC «RZD» needs. Members gave careful consideration to a problem of standard elaboration for permanent way technique, perspective of projection and production of such equipment and rail way infrastructure diagnostics means.


In the frame of arrangement was demonstrated dynamic exposition of new samples of railway and diagnostics technique and infrastructure elements.


In particular, ZAO «Firma TVEMA» demonstrated wide arsenal of diagnostics means, that have found their use at the Russian Railways but new ones still less known to users circle.  Among them: self- propelled DC «SEVER», mobile laboratory «LDM-1-P» for track geometry parameter examination and mobile railway lubricator on Rail-cum-Ground vehicle chassis. Such Company’s novation as «SPRINTER» – high speed diagnostics carriage,  «PIONER» – self- propelled transport and energy supply complex to carry out works of track, «DRED» – mobile self-propelled complex for Railway infrastructure diagnostics,  Temporary warming and resting shelter (TWRS) for railway team of workers based on quick-assembly modular building; (pre)assembled rail and sleepers that made of composite (plastic) materials. 


More over Senior Vice-President of OJSC «RZD» , President of NP «AREP” Mr. Valentin Gaponovich  particularly noted that such elaborations as «SPRINTER”, «PIONER” and «TWRS” were greatly perspective and would find their use on the county’s Railways. MR. Gaponovich summarizing  of meeting results highly appraised its significance, underlined necessity of further perfection of track and diagnostics techniques production with new technology in Russia.