TVEMA Company executed next-in-turn order of Moscow Metropoliten

TVEMA Company efficiently executed an order of Moscow Metropoliten to deliver specialized hand-carts for evacuation disabled civilians from trains got hold in tunnels at the emergency situations in Metro.


According the request of Capital leadership experimental model of such hand-cart was made in August 2013 then latter successfully past a trial at the exercises held by authority of Metro and Moscow Main Department of Extreme Situation Ministry.


As the result Chief of Moscow Metropoliten made a decision to fit out all stations with specialized had-carts for evacuation disabled (weak) passangers.


The disaster happened in July, 15-th 2014 at Arbatsko- Pokrovskaya line in the span of «Park Pobedy» and «Slavyanskiy Boulevard» Where passengers’ evacuation was arranged by improvised means only, stimulated process of mentioned hand-cart production.


In concise time TVEMA Company made 270 pieces of specialized hand-carts and in the beginning of August 2014 delivered them to Moscow Metropoliten. Now all Capital’s  Metro stations equipped with these means.


The teams of ZAO «Firma TVEMA» and Moscow Metropoliten have long term business collaboration. We are ready to fulfill Metropoliten’s requests and aware that they satisfied with the quality of our products.