TVEMA Sifer 2015 Debut

The 9th International Railway Industry Exhibition – SIFER 2015 – which opened on March 24, 2015, in Lille, France, is one of the greatest global shows in the industry and is held every other year (since 1999), covering all the railway technology, products, and services: rolling stock, infrastructure, passenger transport technology and interiors, systems for control and communication, automation, computerization, telecommunications, and, certainly, safety. The exhibition is also the meeting place for numerous workshop sessions, conferences, and business appointments.

The number of SIFER’s exhibitors and visitors increases with each show. More than 400 exhibitors from 20 countries will take part this year, presenting their innovative and state-of-the-art products. Lille Grand Palais Exhibition Center has 3 halls and 14,000 sq.m., accommodating 4 thematic sections, namely Rolling Stock, Infrastructure, Passenger Transport Technology and Interiors. 


TVEMA Group, participating in this prominent event for the first time, will be one of the most noticeable premiers. The company's booth is original and sharply designed, sure to attract the public’s attention. A bogie model set, as part of the stand, is equipped with operating models of innovative products that are of greatest potential interest to the largest high-speed railway equipment manufacturers. These include the SVOD-3 system for high-speed visual inspection, high-speed system for NDT inspection of rail condition, and SOKOL-3 high-speed system for track geometry assessment. Demonstrational operation of the ECHO-PULSE portable NDT analyzer implementing the Google Glass function is of particular interest for professionals in the public transport inspection field.

The SIFER Exhibition is the world's premier marketing opportunity, known in the professional environment as a global-scale platform for the most effective demonstration of achievements in the railway industry, attraction of investments, experience-sharing, and networking between industry leaders making long-term contracts. The first days of TVEMA Group’s participation in the forum alone brought the company practical results. Thus far, TVEMA Group has entered into a contract to supply diagnostic equipment for Czech Railways in 2015; China and Turkey have confirmed their interest in the company’s products; and an agreement has been reached with SNCF (French National Railways) for a demonstration run of our diagnostic equipment at the SNCF Test Loop. And that is to name but a few.


TVEMA Group Management hopes that the interest drawn to the Company’s products will lead to mutually beneficial contracts.