Diagnostic systems of the project SINERGIYA defending the security of the Moscow metro

The Moscow metro has received from the company TVEMA latest diagnostic train laboratory «SINERGIYA-2», which will ensure the safety of subway passengers on a par with the already working here by train the first generation of a family of «SINERGIYA».


Infrared sensors, thermal imaging, temperature, laser-optical measuring instruments and recorders high-resolution - such "filling" makes «SINERGIYA-2» a unique laboratory, which has no equal in any subway in the world. The machine can fix the tiny cracks and chips in the rail cloth, overheating of cables, water leaks and other standards have not been met and online to inform about deviations from the technical service.


The unique presentation of the complex took place last Saturday, 15 August 2015 in one of the oldest Metropolitan depots - "Falcon". The ceremony was attended by the General Director of the developer company TVEMA Vladimir Tarabrin, head of Moscow metro Dmitry Pegov and the head of the Moscow Department of transport and development dorozhno-a transport infrastructure Maxim Liksutov.


Appreciating the novelty, Dmitry Pegov, in particular, noted: "Most importantly, we will receive input from the new train - the efficiency of decision-making to address those or other problems that may occur during operation. The diagnostic complex is made on the basis of subway cars. He will be able to run in a single chart with all the trains, following on schedule." The head of the Moscow metro also shared plans on refining the company TVEMA first train up to the standards of the «SINERGIYA-2».


"This integrated solution, when one train contains all the basic control system, allowing to determine the smallest deviation from the norm, and quickly to make important decisions anymore. This system is multi-stage control that allows you to keep the infrastructure in perfect condition", - said Maxim Liksutov.


The first new diagnostic train took Zamoskvoretskaya line. Just now both trains of the «SINERGIYA» project will be to examine each line of the Moscow subway is at least four times a month.