Russia – Europe: Railway infrastructure harmonization

The second international conference of railway infrastructure and Europe’s innovations “InnoRail 2015” took place in “Luzdy” complex in Budapest, Hungary on 14-16 of October.  The participants of this conference were experts in the field of Railways from 28 Europe countries, and even Australia. This forum which for the first time took place two years ago is organized especially for discussion of actual problems in the sphere of development and service of railway infrastructure of Europe, with emphasis on safety of its functioning, and exchange of experience in the solution of these problems between experts from the different countries of the continent.


Participants of meeting share information on the conducted researches in the field of safety of railway traffic, present the corresponding development to potential consumers, come into direct business contacts.


The conference organizers attach particular importance to the participation of colleagues from Russia, as in the European Union predict a significant growth in rail transport in the Eastern direction and, accordingly, the aim of harmonization of the Russian railway and its infrastructure. No wonder Russian, along with English and Hungarian is the official language of the forum.


On the "InnoRail 2015" our country was represented by TVEMA company, INFOTRANS, RADIOAVIONIKA and PIK PROGRESS. We told about the most demanded company's developments in Russia and abroad, including the world's first diagnostic device, providing a reliable acoustic contact at speeds up to 140 km/h.


He also shared the experience of implementation in countries of Europe and Asia projects of the company TVEMA in the framework of the Organization for cooperation of Railways and presented the latest developments in the field of track recording and video surveillance, the introduction of which can provide significant economic benefits.


In the TVEMA company count that the interest in its products shown by conferees will be embodied in mutual effective cooperation.