TVEMA check the reliability of rail Latvia

TVEMA increasingly provides foreign (overseas) partners with outsourcing services.


From 14 to 17 December 2015 under the service contract for technical audit TVEMA carried out complete monitoring of rails in service conditions on sections of Latvian railway. In a total mobile laboratory LDM-1 combined course checked 198 kilometers of railway and revealed sharp-detective rails including rail head defects, rail web defects, rail bas defects and defects of steel-weld junctions. Decryption of the defectogram disclosed 40 gage marks which indicated sharp-defective rails and back checking, 4 of 40 marks were confirmed during revalidation.


Monitoring results were summed up on December 18 in a meeting at Directorate of infrastructure of Latvian Railways. It was stated that all diagnosis measurements were held in full accordance with the contract and within fixed time limit. Customers also noted that technical characteristics and functionality of the mobile laboratory LDM-1 presented new and more efficient control technology which ensured detection of rail defects at an earlier stage. Latvian colleagues praised the professionalism of TVEMA’s specialists during their diagnostic work.