Now Almaty Metro

In December 2015 TVEMA supplied Almaty Metro with the road-rail mobile rail lubricator MRK-1. Previously our equipment has been operated on the railroad of the Republic - «Kazakhstan Temir Zholy» - only, and since late last year Almaty Metro has become our partner and the eighth metro operator-partner for our company.


Almaty Metro became the first metro system in Kazakhstan - and the second metro in Central Asia after the Tashkent Metro in Uzbekistan – and was opened on December 1 2015. Total length of its’ three lines is 11.3 km. Over the period of its exploitation Almaty Metro transported more than 20 million passengers.


Road-rail mobile rail lubricator MRK-1 is TVEMA’s innovative project, which previously has been operated on the railroads of Russia only, therefore it’s to be used for the metro rail maintenance for the first time. The car is a unique high-tech rail lubrication system of a new generation, previously mounted only on the carriages. The highest performance of the system based on the intellectual control substantially saves the material and human resources, as well as the time for the rail lubrication which is the essential procedure for increasing the lifetime of both the carriage wheels and the railway track and for providing the safety of the railway traffic.