The new step of the company of TWEMA in the european market

Since March 2017 the newest diagnostic train DJ NDT - a unique symbioses control equipment performed by leading manufacturing companies from different countries – has been running on Czech Railways lines. Designing of the train diagnostic system was launched by JSC “Firma TVEMA” jointly with the Czech Railways two years ago. Apart from TVEMA and Czech Companies AV Engineering, CZ Loko and NDCon Logic, Diagnoctic Center of the Hungarian Railways MAV KVF and German Company PLR Magdeburg participated in the project. Thus, for the first time representatives of four European countries have collectively created united diagnostic complex.


In addition to our equipment, which includes an advanced flaw detector, line-scan cameras (two cameras per each thread), searching system with acoustic units and a software, there are used Hungarian NDT bogie and German eddy current system. Moreover, for the Hungarian bogie, which provides centering of flaw detection equipment, our specialists have designed special searching systems ensuring monitoring of rails, switches, expansion joints and other elements of the track of the Czech Railways at operating speed up to 80 km/h. Test procedures proved 100% detectability of the flaws by means of our equipment. During working runs, more than 1000 km of track of different kinds were checked. And again, the accuracy and precision of monitoring results were shown. Thus, the high efficiency of our diagnostic system was confirmed. Foreign partners and supervisors highlighted its ease of use and reliability, as well as its operating convenience.


Our colleagues commended specifically our software. It makes the operation of a train easy and, combining ultrasonic and visual-optical methods of nondestructive testing, assures automated deciphering of the results. Both registration and decoding of data become a simple and fascinating procedure. In addition, concomitantly with flaw detector’s hardware capabilities, the "smart" software for the first time in the practice of European ultrasonic control eliminates the need for sensitivity adjustments. Now it can be done automatically in the entire range of operating speeds, which greatly simplifies the operator's activities during the run.


The implementation of this project is a milestone for both TVEMA Company and the sphere of non-destructive testing in Europe in general. After all, the use of our products by the EU country indicates its high quality and opens up good prospects for the Company in the development of the European market. We are already discussing with the Czech colleagues the possible retrofitting of the DJ NDT train with additional systems, as well as the likelihood of further projects to create new diagnostic tools.