Joint project for the Chinese subway

On 17 June 2017 at «World of China» conference hall of the Beijing complex «Railway LAB Ultrasonic Test TVEMA 70» new railcar was presented. The car, which was designed for diagnostics of Chinese railways and subways, was created as a part of a joint project of TVEMA company and Qishuyan Locomotive Co. LTD - the flagship locomotive plant of the People's Republic of China.


The presentation, which was organized by the Beijing Metro, was attended by more than 80 diagnostic specialists from China's largest subways companies, as well as representatives of the Academy for Railway Infrastructure Control and the City Transport Administration of Beijing. Representatives of the Beijing Metro shared with their colleagues the experience of operating the Railway LAB Ultrasonic Test TVEMA 70, which has been successfully operating in this one of the world's largest subways for almost a year.


Then the participants of the meeting made working runs on the railcar, having received a real idea of the work of all its systems. As Wei Shi Ming, the representative of the Chinese Academy for Railway Infrastructure Control, highlighted, during the rapid development of Chinese subways’ and railways’ infrastructure and, implementation of the latest diagnostics technologies like the Railway LAB Ultrasonic Test TVEMA 70 project is becoming an important component in the overall work on safety of Railway infrastructure.


A special role in this process is assigned to the Beijing Metro, the oldest one in the country and one of the largest in the world. So, it is second only to the Moscow metro by the number of passengers transported for a year, and its length will reach 1,000 km by 2020. Beijing Metro traditionally acts as a leader in developing of new technologies for the Chinese subway, including diagnostics of the railway infrastructure.


Its experience is looked up to by all the subways of China. There are almost 30 of them already today, and by 2030 the subway will be almost in 70 Chinese cities. It is not surprising that many of those attending the presentation were interested in buying a railcar and expressed an interest in detailed study of other products of the joint production of TVEMA and Qishuyan Locomotive Co.


LTD presented at the meeting. TVEMA company’s management believes that the current success in many ways was predetermined by the work on the joint project, during which we were able to convince the Chinese partners that our technology was safer, more accurate and cheaper in the operation than the ones they had been using earlier. We should especially mention the assistance of our Embassy and the Trade Mission in China, as well as the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation in promoting the company on the Chinese market.


TVEMA is sincerely grateful to the management and specialists of the Beijing Metro, as due to their increased requirements during the work on the project, proposals were made, which allowed us to improve our diagnostic systems. The present presentation took place almost a year after the visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin to Beijing to China and on the eve of the visit of Xi Jinping to Moscow. Both leaders support leading role of the economy in the development of the Russian-Chinese strategic partnership, putting special emphasis on building industrial cooperation and launching of joint projects. We think the presented result of our joint work illustrates this mutual desire of Russia and China as well as possible.