SVOD-2 deployed at German railways

On 20 March, specialist of the TVEMA Group commissioned SVOD-2 system for high-speed visual inspection at SPZ1 NDT train of the German holding Deutsche Bahn AG.
This is the first system launched at NDT trains of the German railway monopoly. The next launch of SVOD-2 confirmed the correct choice of Deutsche Bahn AG and the successful operation of our video system at German railways.


Today, SVOD-2 is the fastest system for inspection of the rail treads. Ultra-high-speed linear cameras of the system provide the image resolution better than 0.2 mm per pixel in both planes at speeds up to 140 km/h. The dedicated illumination system ensures capture of a clear and well-contrasted image at any time of the day.


For customers from Russia and CIS countries this system is installed on VL-11M rail track geometry locomotive or is offered as an option for NDT vehicles.


The contract for SVOD-2 became the first step in establishing cooperation between TVEMA and Deutsche Bahn AG. Both sides acknowledged this step as a huge success and are now planning to extend the cooperation into such areas of diagnostics as non-destructive testing and track geometry measurements.