TVEMA at the sixth EXPO 1520: Results and prospects

Between 30th of August and 2nd of September the sixth International Railway Fair «EXPO 1520» was held at the VNIIZhT Experimental Ring in Shcherbinka near Moscow.


This unique exhibition of achievements for the 1520 mm gauge countries is the only one in Europe that has strategic value for widening and improving international cooperation of Russian railway industry.


Exclusive in its form meeting takes place once per two years and includes the exhibition as well as wide business program, allowing to create direct contacts between the customers and the suppliers of railway technologies and equipment.


Over 200 exhibitors from 20 countries participated in this year’s «EXPO 1520» demonstrating their achievements both on demonstration stands and on tracks of Experimental Ring. 8000 sq.m. of surface housed 5 pavilions and over 150 live examples of track vehicles and infrastructure elements. Over 26 thousands of visitors attended the fair.


TVEMA Company takes part in the fair from the day it started and just as during the previous fairs TVEMA’s exhibition was one of the largest and most visited. Following the strategy of JSCo «RZD» to use latest technologies for railway infrastructure, TVEMA presented such novelties as multifunctional high-speed diagnostic train «SPRINTER-INTEGRAL» and self-propelled multifunctional diagnostic railcar «SEVER-INTEGRAL» based on the idea of using a single vehicle for diagnostics. The visitors were also quite interested in the rail lubrication car with diagnostic equipment and the power supply car for heavyweight refrigerator containers that are unprecedented in the world.


We have also shown a range of new portable manual tools: self-propelled vehicles of the «DRED» project, manual diagnostic complexes «RDK-PT-12M», second-generation «SPRUT» NDT trolleys.


Our exposition became one of the most attended at the fair. Guests from Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Czech Republic, France, Spain, India, China and many other countries and railways visited it.


It was also attended by the senior vice-president of infrastructure of JSCo «RZD» Gennadiy Verkhovikh, who showed interest in it.


During his visit to the company’s stand, he reminded us of the success of test run of our multifunctional diagnostic coach «SPRINTER-INTEGRAL» coupled to the regular post train on the route Moscow-Yekaterinburg-Moscow this summer. Over 4000 km of tracks were inspected during this run, finding hundreds of defects and irregularities. During this meeting, the parties came to a decision to perform a diagnostic run from Moscow to Vladivostok and sum up the results at a meeting in JSCo «RZD» head office. Mr. Verkhovikh noted high demand for the solutions like «SPRINTER-INTEGRAL» in high-speed railway transport of the country.


One more appraisal of company’s work came during the «EXPO 1520». In terms of forum, the results of a competition held by Non-commercial Partnership «OPZT» were summed up and winners were awarded for the most innovative developments. The third place was awarded to us in the nomination «Cars and railway machines» for the development of a self-propelled railcar for repair crews delivery to JSCo «RZD» infrastructure objects.


TVEMA leaders hope that interest shown by forum’s participants will transform into mutually beneficial contracts and long-term cooperation.