TVEMA enters the market of the new world

In November 2017 TVEMA products were successfully presented on one of the largest markets of diagnostic vehicles – in the United States. Together with partners from Harsco Rail company our specialists performed installation of the ultrasonic diagnostic equipment on the high-rail car based on a Ford F-350.


Harsco Rail is one of the world leading suppliers of specialized technologies for construction and maintenance of railway infrastructure, and company’s specialists provide a wide range of services to the customers globally including technical inspections of railway infrastructure objects.


Partnership agreement regarding cooperation in promotion of innovative diagnostic tools at the markets of North and South Americs, Australia and New Zealand between TVEMA and Harsco Rail was concluded in April 2016. And now our American partners received an NDT system for mounting on the high-rail car and a portable diagnostic tool PT-12M with all the options from us for field tests on railways of USA.


Due to versatility of the system mounting it on the Ford F-350 diagnostic vehicle didn’t require even the slightest change in the vehicle design and took only 12 hours. Advanced design of the guidance system provides precise positioning of the sled on the rail and increased inspection speed.


Compact and thoughtful design of the equipment along with utilization of the integrated software suite “Integral” exlcluded any interference with operation of Harsco Rail track geometry measurement system that was already installed on the vehicle. We consider that this unique method that is widely used on Russian Railways will provide high levels of coordination between different systems and integration of operation of all monitoring elements. All this at a high operation speed of 25 mph (40 kmph) will significantly improve inspection efficiency and allow recording of railway condition parameters in one survey. 
Ultrasonic NDT system has 9 channels per rail with input angles of 0, 40, 58 and 70 degrees. Delivered set includes acoustic blocks for two different testing schemes. Switching between working and transport position of equipment takes no more than 30 seconds and can be done on any railway crossing.


We are confident that Harsco Rail and their clients will do justice to our product and soon will start to use it widely on North America Railways.