Carrying out the assignments of country leaders

In September 2017 Russian Railways have received a new power plant coach that can supply electricity for groups of heavy-duty refrigerator containers. This unique product is a joint venture of TVEMA, Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russian Federation together with OOO MK REFTRANS and PAO RZD.


Project started based on the assignment of the President of Russian Federation regarding delivery of fish products from the Far East to the central part of the country and was implemented in shortest of terms. Eight months after awarding of tender TVEMA supplied the customer with the final product and in September 2017 the diesel power plant departed onto the first journey from Vladivostok to Moscow with products on-board.


Developers were given the task to create completely new example of coach intended to accompany the heavy-duty refrigerator containers that can provide central power supply for all refrigerator units in the train and comfortable environment for the maintenance staff in long-time operation as well as shorter delivery times, lower costs and time for loading and unloading.


Diesel power plant coach fully conforms with the world standards regarding thermal, vibration and noise insulation, which makes it perfect for comfortable and safe accommodation of the crew. It has all the life-support systems: heating system that can work on solid and diesel fuel or external 380 V power supply, water supply with a necessary supply of hot and cold water, separate power supply for internal use, air conditioning, fire-fighting system for the power supply.


Developers implemented several innovative technologies that allow to save the resources of the power plants, control fuel saving and condition of the transported goods. Both sides of the coach are equipped with power connectors to connect power consumers. Up to 100 refrigerator containers can be connected simultaneously.


Implementation of this project is a key event for the company. TVEMA is eager to take part in the government program of providing industrial vehicles to accompany long distance transportation of heavy-duty refrigerator containers. In terms of this program, we are capable to maintain the necessary production capacities for diesel power plants to replace heavily worn specialized vehicles that do not answer current technical demands.