Our LDM vehicle on kyrgyzstan railroads

In November 2017 TVEMA company has supplied an LDM diagnostic laboratory based on a high-rail vehicle to the State company “NK Kyrgyz Temir Jolu” (Kyrgyzstan Railways). It is capable of performing complex diagnostics of railway tracks, including ultrasonic NDT and contactless track geometry evaluation.


Kyrgyzstan railway managers first saw the vehicle only three months ago during the International Railway Fair EXPO 1520. The vehicle drew their attention with its sturdiness and reliability. Now its odometer starts counting kilometers on Kyrgyz roads.


Before that specialists of our company performed training in operation of diagnostic equipment for employees of the NK “Kyrgyz Temir Jolu”. Kyrgyz colleagues got a practical experience of operation of the laboratory and its’ diagnostic equipment as well as evaluation of recorded data and communication with traffic dispatchers.


Considering the small length of Kyrgyz railways this equipment is capable of performing thorough diagnostics of railways tracks and allows for timely fixation of detected faults.


This purchase of our equipment by Kyrgyzstan is one of the important steps in realization of decisions made in Technical Regulations of Eurasian Customs Union  regarding safety of the railway rolling stock. TVEMA company hopes that LDM will show its best on the rails of republic and will help improve their reliability.