Significant agreement for serbian railways

December, 28, 2017 in Belgrad, Serbia, TVEMA and “Infrastructure of Serbian Railways” signed a contract for the supply of self-propelled track geometry complex “SEVER”.


The diagnostic complexes of the project "SEVER" have already proven themselves with A-grade and are widely operated on seven Russian railways. Self-propelled complex, adapted for Serbia, will be built in accordance with the most modern regional and European requirements, and will be finished in just 16 months. Among the diagnostic equipment – high-speed system of measuring track parameters, satisfying EN 13848, rail profile measuring system and video inspection complex. In the future, the machine can be additionally equipped with systems of three-dimensional spatial scanning, monitoring of the parameters of the overhead lines, NDT of rails, georadar tracking diagnostics and others.


With the conclusion of this agreement, Serbia for the first time in last 40 years acquires the railway infrastructure diagnostics equipment, and fast arrival of the modern diagnostic complex will undoubtedly have a positive impact on traffic safety and the efficiency of the track operation.


TVEMA Company works more confidently in international market.  So, in addition to Serbia, the geography of our foreign supplies grew in the outgoing year of 2017 by such new countries as India, USA, Hungary, Bulgaria and Kyrgyzstan. In the company's plans for 2018 new foreign customers and ambitious projects appear.