TVEMA activities in the western hemisphere

Between 20th and 21st of March 2018 in Columbia, South Carolina took place some control tests of new SPRUT NDT trolley.


This has not been the first demonstration of TVEMA products in USA supported by Harsco Rail Company, one of the world leaders in supply of specialized vehicles and tools for building and maintenance of railway infrastructure.


In November 2017, we demonstrated our American partners operation of the new RDK PT-12M diagnostic trolley and mounted our ultrasonic diagnostic equipment on the Ford F-350 hyrail car. Visual demonstration had a great effect on clients of Harsco Rail in the US.


Now it was time for a new demo: winner of multiple international contests – our new ultrasonic dual-rail NDT trolley SPRUT-2 for continuous and local inspection of rails, welded joints and switch elements. During the demo for Harsco Rail staff and potential customers, several advantages of the new NDT tool have been shown.


Its’ distinguishing feature is that SPRUT-2 implements several acoustic inspection methods at once that are configured automatically independently from operator’s qualification. The device can be operated within a range of temperatures from -40° to +50° С, and its’ dimensions and weight are considered to be optimal for this class of devices. Special design of trolley wheels allow passing any switches, while built-in geo-positioning and cellular modules allowe transmission of data to the diagnostic center. Maximum inspection speed is 6,4 kph with a scanning step of 1 mm which is unpreceded for this class of NDT tools.


It also has differences in the software. NDT tool software is a securely encrypted cloud server available in real-time to authorized users from any point.


During the demo company specialists also trained the customers’ employees to work with the new SPRUT-2 trolley. Reviews from Harsco Rail customers after the demo allow us to hope for high demand on our products from the railways within USA.