RUSSIA-FRANCE: New stage of interaction

In October 2018 started the new stage of TVEMA and French Railways (SNCF) joint project, aimed at improving the diagnostics of the railway infrastructure of this country.


The tests of high-speed infrastructure diagnostic equipment, installed on French rolling stock, was launched. The testing car was equipped with high-speed ultrasonic system and railway infrastructure videoinspection system. Installation works was performed by TVEMA engineers in cooperation with representatives of EURAILSCOUT France, the company, that performes euoropean railways infrastructure diagnostics.


In 2015 French engineers first showed their interest to TVEMA products at EXPO 15 20 Forum in Scherbinka, Russia. After the visit of EURAILSCOUT specialists to TVEMA production base at the end of 2017 the management of SNCF Réseau reached the decision to know-how ultrasonic high-speed inspection system on French Railways.  Finally, after the concluded agreement at InnoTrans 2018, the project started practically. 


The compliance of TVEMA equipment to the European standard US15 will be checked on speeds from 60 to 120 km/h. At different weather conditions. At the same time will be tested the software analyzing unit, that allows detect the defects by means of ultrasound automatically, and the testing runs records will be compared with the existed ones.   


First test will be held at the SNCF MEZIDON test site in Normandie. 


During the next stages from November 2018 till March 2019 the systems will be tested in real operating conditions on the French Railways. Final test results will be concluded at the second half of 2019.


The SNCF Réseau and  EURAILSCOUT  Management expects the tests would show the high effiacacy and reliability of TVEMA equipment, that complements consonantly the range of existing diagnostic systems.  


TVEMA, for its part, will do its best by completing this joint project to provide the interaction between Russia and France and ensure the security of the railway infrastructure of both countries.