TVEMA at PRO//MOTION.EXPO. Outcomes and prospects

International Railway Fair in the area 1520 PRO//Motion.Expo took place between 28th and 31st of August 2019 at the premises of Experimental Ring of VNIIZhT in Scherbinka.


This time the forum, which is the successor of Expo 1520, took up a new format and with a new organizer. PRO//Motion.Expo nowadays is the only international communication platform in Russia that provides a meeting point for leaders of railway industry, experts, specialists as well as a demonstration spot for promotion of modern technologies. This time at the exhibition grounds of over 20 000 square meters around 100 live examples of various vehicles and infrastructure elements have been demonstrated. The fair has been visited by over 20 000 people and 25 official delegations.


AO “Firma TVEMA” over 12 years stays a permanent participant of all railway fairs in the 1520 area. The company is one of the world leading manufacturers of diagnostic systems for railways, metros and urban rail transport, and the only manufacturer in the world that has a full range of tools for diagnostics of track superstructure and overhead lines in its’ product line. Over 30 years of operation TVEMA has supplied more than 400 diagnostic vehicles and more than 3900 manual and portable diagnostic tools to over 30 countries.


As a part of implementation of Strategy of development of Russian railway industry and introduction of innovative diagnostic tools based on digital technologies the company displayed on its’ grounds such novelties as high-speed infrastructure diagnostics solution SPRINTER-INTEGRAL and self-propelled multifunctional infrastructure diagnostics solution SEVER-INTEGRAL. They are based on one vehicle and capable of performing comprehensive inspection and diagnostics of railway infrastructure at high speeds with application of digital technologies as well as implementing new model of operation as part of passenger train. These two new products were specifically noted as ones in high demand for high-speed railway transport by Valentin Gapanovich, president of NP OPZhT and chairman of supervisory board.


Unique self-propelled DRED trolleys of various design attracted public interest. Specific hype was attracted by AUTOPILOT trolley with remote control that moves over the rails by commands from the operator.


The company also displayed the line of manual inspection tools ranging from ones widely known in Russia and Europe to brand new products. The latter include manual diagnostic solutions PT-12M and PT-12-001, digital track gauge, new generation of NDT tools SPRUT-2, SKAT-2 and SOM. Operation of these exhibits was displayed on track segments with artificial defects.


During the fair, company management had business meetings with colleagues from Russia, Uzbekistan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Czechia, India, Romania and many others. In total delegates from 15 countries have attended our booth.


Concluding the outcomes of company performance at PRO//Motion.Expo its’ General Director Vladimir Tarabrin in an interview to RZD TV expressed the hope that interest to TVEMA products shown by the fair visitors will transform into mutually beneficial contracts and long-term partnership.