"Sever-1435" in Serbia

Late September, 2020 the first acceptance tests of the track recording vehicle for technical monitoring of railway infrastructure model SEVER 1435 were held. This project was implemented for the Infrastruktura železnice Srbije a.d.

The vehicle is equipped with brand new high-precision track geometry measurement system, that allows to carry out inspection at high speed. The innovative software “Integral” makes possible the on-line data analysis.

The first acceptance tests took place at the closed overhauled section of the route “Belgrade - Zemun”. During the test runs diagnostic systems, on-board traffic and electronical safety systems, electronic equipment and many others have been checked.

Besides the tests, mentioned above, the certification tests in cooperation with notified body SIQ Ljubljana were completed.

In a few weeks, despite all the challenges of the reality around us and the complicated situation with COVID-19, the final acceptance of the vehicle and the transfer of SEVER 1435 to the customer will commence.