New generation of diagnostic cars "Sprinter-Integral"

September 2020 the acceptance tests of two vehicular inspection cars “Sprinter- Integral”, that were designed and produced by AO “Firma TVEMA” upon the request of OAO “RZhD” (Russian Railways) were held. Acceptance tests took place on the Moscow railway.

Inspection cars are equipped with NDT and track recording measurement systems, spatial scanning system, multichannel ground penetrating radar system, overhead line inspection system, RAT- control system and radio unit. All system data is analyzed in real-time operation mode and transferred in the Unified railway management system by OAO “RZhD”. All of this became possible by the means of innovative solution of AO “Firma TVEMA” - “Integral” software.

November 1, 2020 one of the vehicles, that has successfully passed the acceptance tests and was built for Far Eastern Railway, took its’ first operating run. For now, the inspection of Baikal Amur Mainline has been completed, the next step is the Trans-Siberian railway.

The second diagnostic vehicle was initially ordered for Moscow Railway, but later the management of Russian Railways made a decision to transfer it to the Trans-Baikal Railway. This month the car is going to be taken to Chita and in December 2020 it will begin to operate at the test site of the Trans-Baikal Railway.