Innovative diagnostic laboratory module

Upon the request of Israel Railways Ltd. experts of AO “Firma TVEMA” designed high-comfortable diagnostic laboratory module housed by a sea container, also they renewed railcar diagnostic systems.

Laboratory module was intended to install on a different rolling stock (such as modular-platform type rolling stock, rail gantry, truck platform etc.).

A difficult problem of laying comfortable working conditions in a hot Israeli climate without deviating from demanding EU railway standards was an unusual challenge for our engineers. The principle  “install- switch on” was realized to provide easier access to the railcar systems for maintenance, that allows to mount/demount the module within 5 minutes.

Updating of all rolling stock diagnostic systems (including the updating of ultrasonic inspection system, high-speed visual inspection SVOD-2 system and synoptical video inspection system to the latest versions) resulted  the increase of ultrasonic testing operating speed up to 120 km/h.

Our diagnostic module scheduled to start operating late November, 2020.