Comfortable permafrost

In 2019 AO “Firma TVEMA” tied up a contract with OOO “Gazpromtrans” for the supply of cars intended for living and transportation of shift teams to the railway “Obskaya- Bovanenkovo” construction site. This railway is a part of “Yamal” megaproject and leads to Bovanenkovo’s gas field.

With a view to protect the ecosystem and preserve the load-bearing capacity of permafrost, all construction operations for the core facilities are conducted in subzero temperatures. That’s why AO “Firma TVEMA” accommodated this range of cars to harsh, nearly north-polar weather conditions in which the operation will be carried out.

The cars are equipped with all the necessary for comfortable living and resting of team of 16.

Late November 2020 the third car from the present range was handed over and December 2020 it was successfully dispatched to Yamal.